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[ 9T NEWS ] : Olamide Foresighted The Coming Of The Deadly Baddo Group In Ikorodu

Until now, “Baddo“ is a nickname that brings only one person to mind and that is the YBNL Boss,Olamide.

The nick Baddo was unarguably one of the most loved nicknames among youths in Nigeria until the formation of the dreaded Ikorodu ritual/cult gang, and acquiring the nickname without any official negotiation or signed transfer of ownership from the brand owner, YBNL boss, Olamide.

This sudden mutual ownership has led to several speculations and controversies especially because of the epithet ‘ ritual and murder ‘ awarded to the deadly group terrorising the Ikorodu Community of Lagos state.

Worst is that, concerned fans are reasoning, What Effect it Could Have On Olamide ‘Baddo’, His Brand Image & Personality.

Merely analysing the issue, i observed that Portraying Olamide’s nick would not have been a welcomed development by the YBNL Boss but i bet he’s not bothered.

He had probably foresighted the coming of the cult gang which inspired him to compose a disclaimer in “iBADI“, a song he was featured on in the donkey months.

IBADI is a track by Dj kamol which featured Olamide,Lace and Slyde.

In Olamide’s verse, The Rapper and YBNL boss stated that Anyone can bear the nick “Baddo” but he his the Only “King Baddo” and cannot be replaced or duplicated.

He said;

“Orisirisi Baddo lo wa, King Baddo O Gbodo Pe Meji”

Translated in English as;
“There are different types of Baddo but King Baddo does not have a duplicate”.

With this, its safe to conclude the Prophet saw it coming and he took a step ahead of them by discriminating his brand from any unofficial affiliate.

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